Welcome to the "From The Vault" blog archive at mkx.dk

From 2012 to 2015 I hosted a blog over at the message board for the NTFA; the site is still active but has not been updated for some time). While I around 2018 started to shift focus more towards creating contents for Facebook instead, the intention was that these blog articles would be archived on the message board for posterity and future reference. However, due to the limitations set in motion by the European GDPR act, the message board had to be shut down in 2018 and therefore the blog went offline. Furtunately, I was able to archive all the blog content, and I hope to be able to present it all here again - and maybe even add some new ones to the list once in a while.

While this page is not really that graphically impressive - looking very much like a webpage designed in the 1990s - this is more about substance than appearance, and the article appears here verbatim for posterity's sake. The image quality may not be all too high, but should be sufficient in highlighting the important elements. I do realise that most of these articles are close to 10 years old as of this writing, and surely a lot of new information has been uncovered since. In those cases I will amend the articles accordingly.

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Thank you for your time and please enjoy! :)